Friday, 23 October 2009

More about me

Bit late today. After a long lie in this morning, I had a nice sleep in the sun - very tiring. It is so difficult to fit everything into my busy schedule. Well, yesterday I told you a little about myself. Today I will tell you about where I live. As you know I was born in the garden of a very expensive house in an exclusive part of London. After considering my options, I decided to honour the owners with not only my presence, but that of my stupid sister and poncy brother. However, things are not always as they seem. Shortly after settling in, the newly appointed housekeeping staff decided to move - I was not even consulted. Before I could make alternative arrangements, all three of us were caged up and shipped off to our new abode a few miles away. Me in a cage - the indignity of it! On inspection, I decided that the new facilites, although being totally inadequate, would suffice on a temporary basis.

I am still living there, but nothing should be read into this. I am always on the look out for something better. To keep the housekeeping staff on their toes, I often wander off for the best part of a whole day - I find this to be very effective and would recommend it to you other cats. When I return I am greeted with worried faces and given extra prawns as a token of their pleasure at seeing me again. I would stay away longer, but feel it would be very bad mannered not to pop back and eat the food they put out for me. Talking of food, I will sign off now and have a quick nap before tea. I plan to rest this weekend, to recover from a very busy week. I will return on Monday. Perhaps I will tell you more about my stupid sister and poncy brother - maybe even some pictures of them. Bye for now. Albert The Cat.

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