Friday, 30 October 2009

My stupid sister

Late again with the blog - have had a very strenuous day annoying the neighbours dog, a spiteful little thing, a Jack Russell I believe. It makes an awful yapping noise. I get great pleasure from sitting on top of the shed and hissing at it. This makes the foolish thing bounce up and down and work itself up into a real lather - Oh how I laugh! It is as thick as a plank - I saw it's owner throwing a stick for it the other day and the dog only went and chased it - a stick, it actually chased a stick! Can you imagine a cat doing that? - no neither can I. Apparently it also chases cars - one wonders what it would actually do if it ever managed to catch one?Enough of this. As regular readers will know, I posted a picture of my stupid sister yesterday, well the back of her head anyway. Amazingly enough one of my twitter followers tweeted me and asked to see a picture of her face - I have no idea why. So, here are a few pictures of her.Her name is Ginger Tail - not very original is it? She is completely gaga and a real pain in the neck! I try and chase her off, but she is too quick for me. She was the runt of the litter and why the housekeeping staff decided to keep her, is a mystery to me. I even think that "the one I don't trust" likes her best. Apparently when we were born under the bush, the first thing the housekeeping staff saw was a little ginger tail and this is how she got her name. Next time I will tell you how I got my name, and my stupid brother got his. I will also let you into a secret (in strictest confidence of course) that my stupid brother finds most embarrassing!!Well that's all for now - I trust you all have a good weekend. Remember now don't overdo it. Take plenty of rest and eat plenty of prawns. What a life! Albert the Cat.


  1. Ginger Tail is gorgeous Albert. You'd miss her if she wasn't around

  2. I'm sorry to say this because I know you will be upset but she is quite adorable...can you learn to love her?