Sunday, 1 November 2009

Lazy Sunday

Woke up early this morning - one look out of the window and went straight back to bed - it is tipping down. Think I will take it easy today. I was going to write about my poncy brother, but I will leave that until tomorrow - don't want to overdo it, and Sunday is a day of rest. What I will do is tell you how I got my name.

There were five of us in the litter, with myself being the pick. Not only was I the most handsome kitten, I was also the largest. The housekeeping staff in their complete ignorance christened me Big Bertha - I have no idea why. By the way, I was also the cutest and most adorable kitten, despite what my poncy brother says. Well after a few months, "the one I don't trust" took us to see a person I now know as "the bloke who sticks needles in me once a year" - I hate him. I will tell you more about him but that will have to wait for another day. Any way once the stupid housekeeping staff were enlightened, Bertha became Bert - I prefer Albert as I think it is far more suited to a cat of my status. I thought you might like to see a picture of the five of us as youngsters.You can see us here interviewing one of the housekeeping staff - "the one I don't trust" as it happens. From left to right you can see - Ginger Tail (my stupid sister), my very good self, Spotty, Tabby (my poncy brother) and Little Tortoiseshell. Not much originality in the other names is there?

Well that's my lot for today. The sun has come out. I may go for a walk, but then again I might have a nap instead. What a life! Albert the Cat.

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  1. Looks like 'The one you don't trust' has a very comfy lap