Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Best Laid Plans.......

Good day readers. I trust you are all well. I left you yesterday, having been treacherously betrayed by "my poncy brother" and "stupid sister", holed up under the bed in a gallant attempt to avoid the dreaded flea treatment. I hoped to make a break for it after dark. Well, as they say, "the best laid plans of mice and men". Who on earth said that. Must have been me, there's no one else here! When has a mouse come up with anything remotely resembling a sensible plan, come to that when has a man?

Back to the matter in hand. I thought things were going well, until I heard "the one I don't trust" creeping up the stairs. Do you know what dastardly trick he played? He only waved a juicy prawn by the side of the bed. Did he really think I would fall for an old scam like that. It was a battle of wills. I refused to crack, and held out for what seemed like a lifetime - must have been at least thirty seconds. He then played his trump card - "if you don't come out I'll give the prawn to Tabby" he said. Anyway, it was an extremely tasty prawn, but unfortunately I ended up in a headlock. I managed to inflict a few scratches, and a little nip to one of his fingers, but eventually had to admit defeat. The "pretty one" appeared with the flea stuff, squirted it on my neck and it was all over in a flash. I suppose it was all for the good. I got a few extra prawns afterwards, and I certainly don't itch as much. The only irritation I have now is my "poncy brother" and "stupid sister".Looking on the bright side, I don't have to concern myself with fleas for a little while. I get de-flead once a year - whether I need it or not. After I had been "done", "the one I don't trust" decided to go fishing, well I think he did, because he said, "next thing is worms" - presumably he was going to dig for bait in the garden.

Well that's my lot for today. I'm off to settle a score with "my poncy brother" and "stupid sister". What a life! AlbertThe(flea-less)Cat.


  1. Ohhhh... they do the same thing here. Rumbles doesn't mind so much, but I HATE the flea treatments (love the prawn tho)

  2. It's all your furs. The one good thing about being naked is that I don't get fleas.

    Have a great Thanksgiving and they should give you lots of turkey for the putting you through that torture.

  3. Uh Albert, the worms has nothing to do with fishing. You are going to get de-wormed! Run! We don't have fleas here in Vegas. We have ticks. They are in the wild though. My forever missed Rufus and Titan had a case of them years ago-ticks. Scary! Have a Happy Thanksgiving.