Friday, 20 November 2009

The Big Green Thing Outside The Back Door.

Surfaced bright and early this morning. No repeat of yesterday's disaster. I was first in the queue for breakfast, and managed to eat not only mine, but most of Tabby's as well. A most satisfying start to the day.

I was thinking about going for a walk with Tabby, "my poncy brother" but it is wet and windy outside and him being a bit of a poser, he doesn't like getting his fur wet. I'll probably just go for a dig and a scratch in the garden later. The garden is the big green thing just outside the back door. I have noticed that the grass is a bit long. It's good for playing lions and tigers in, but not much fun when it is soaking wet. I can hardly see over the top of it in places. This is not really good enough, I mean, I have two "housekeeping staff" on the payroll - you'd think they should be able to keep the garden in trim.

Being a keen birdwatcher, I quite enjoy roaming around in the garden. Do you know, we have a robin's nest in the tree. I sit for hours underneath looking up at the little perishers. I have tried to climb up and get at them, but what with the old war wound, that I don't like to talk about, I'm not as nimble as I used to be. "My stupid sister" managed to get in there once, but fell out. Fortunately she landed on her head, so no serious damage was done.

There are two great big pigeons as well. In the summer they ate all the cherries from the neighbour's tree, scoffed the lot they did. For a small consideration, say, a dozen prawns a day, I would have been willing to guard the tree. As the old Chinese saying goes - "it is better to feed one cat than many mice", or pigeons in this case.

There are all sorts of things to get up to in the garden. I love playing hunt the bulb - the "housekeeping staff" bury them for me. It is a little game we play. It keeps them amused. There are lots of nice soft bushes and plants for rolling in, dirt for digging up and throwing on to the lawn, and new shrubs planted especially for me to use as scratching posts. I know they appreciate it - only the other day "the one I don't trust" saw me digging, and thinking it must be thirsty work, came running up to me with a large bowl of water. How thoughtful. Unfortunately when he got close, he must have tripped, because he used some very strange words that I am not familiar with and the water spilt all over me. Very careless of him, but I suppose his heart was in the right place. Overall, I have a reasonable relationship with the staff. It is based on give and take. They give and I take!

Well that's my lot for today. Heard them say earlier that they were going to cook a king prawn curry for supper. Now if I play my cards right and sit near the fridge (the big white thing in the kitchen where the prawns live) I reckon I can scrounge a few, if I put on my cute and adorable look. What a life! AlbertTheCat.