Saturday, 21 November 2009

Match of the Day!

Good morning one and all. I have decided to take the weekend off. I am all blogged out - suffering from writer's block in fact. I will be resting, and as I know how disappointed you all must be at this most distressing news, I have posted a little treat to keep you going until I return. You will recall a couple of weeks ago I showed you a little video clip of me and my brothers and sisters playing football as kittens - well as a result of overwhelming demand, I have got an even better one to show you. Take a look at this! Watch out for a special guest appearance about half way through of my Great Uncle Porky - he was the referee.

Hope you enjoyed it. I will be back next week. Off back to bed. What a life! AlbertThe (very tired) Cat.


  1. What a wonderful video!! your brothers and sisters and you are irresistible!!! and Aunt Porki...a true referee....But
    who was the match winner? Have a good rest!!

  2. OMC!!! That is just TOO cute for words!! What is the ball made out of?

  3. Found you on Twitter - love your blog and your adorable cats - especially Albert - consider entering our contest!

  4. Cuteness overload!!!