Saturday, 14 November 2009

Daft things humans say !

You'll be pleased to know I am feeling much better this morning. Weather was atrocious, so I had a night in, curled up in my favourite armchair. Prawns were on time, and despite my "poncy brother" still being on king size rations all is reasonably well with the world today. Fortunately the visitors that we were expecting failed to materialise, so the "housekeeping staff" cleaned the place up for nothing. Me and my "stupid sister" are planning to get things back how we like them later - plenty of hair and mud on the furniture. Could be a busy day.

I thought I would tell you about something I observed a few days ago. As you know, "my poncy brother" had an appointment to see "the bloke who sticks needles in us once a year" - I hate him! To prevent him heading for the hills, the cat flap was closed. Cometh the hour, no cat to be found anywhere! "The pretty one" was searching high and low, but still no cat. Eventually his cunning plan was foiled and he was discovered cowering behind a box under the bed. Do you know what "the pretty one" said to him?

"Why are you always in the last place I look"

Once she'd found him she stopped looking, so it was bound to be the last place! How stupid. No wonder these humans are only suitable for menial roles.

Well that's my lot for today - I have much to do, and can't hang around here chatting. To amuse you, I thought I would show you a picture of my poncy brother drinking out of the watering can. I might be back tomorrow, or I might have a day off. Not sure yet. What a life! AlbertTheCat.


  1. MOL hehehe menial roles, I likes dat! I hopes you and your sisfur gets things back in order soon, has a wonderfur day!


  2. There is a lesson to be learned here - always start with the last place first. he he