Saturday, 7 November 2009

He fell off the wall!

Hello. Who is this you all ask. Well it's me – Ginger Tail, Bert’s clever little sister. That brother of mine is not as bright as he makes out, he’s quite dim really. He left his log-in details on a post-it note stuck to the computer screen, so I have logged in and changed his password. Hee hee!! Bert is furious and can’t understand what is going on. Before I let him in on the little jape, I thought I would write his blog for him today.

Have you read the cock and bull story from yesterday – total fantasy, not a word of truth. You can always tell when Bert is not telling the truth - his lips move!

Shall I tell you what really happened? Well actually, he did break his leg, but as for the ferocious dogs, what a joke, he runs away from squirrels!

When they took him to see “the bloke who sticks needles in us once a year” (I hate him as well) do you know what he said? He said that Bert had probably lost his footing and fallen off of a wall – how clumsy is that? A cat falling from a wall and breaking a leg – oh how Tabby and me laughed. Bert certainly made the most of it. He was confined to a cage in the lounge for a few months, and as you know, “the pretty one”, who is a little gullible to say the least, kept feeding him prawns. Prawns for breakfast, prawns for lunch, prawns for tea, prawns for supper – I’m surprised he didn’t get sick of them. Whenever the housekeeping staff went out, me and my brother Tabby would amuse ourselves by running our claws along the edge of the cage and pinching his food through the bars – this really annoyed him – oh how we laughed!

While I have the chance I thought I would show you some pictures of me - aren't I cute. I am definitely the cutest cat here despite what my daft brother Bert thinks.

I expect Bert will be back tomorrow, although if he is still as bad tempered as he was earlier I may keep the joke going a bit longer. Remember now, don't believe a word he says! Bye for now. Ginger Tail.

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  1. How did this happen? How did she find my password? Wait until I get hold of her. Do not fear I will be back. Albert the Cat.