Thursday, 19 November 2009

Where Are They Now ????

Hello again. Got up a bit late this morning and missed breakfast. Very remiss of me - it happened once before, 4th March 2006 - I'll never forget the date. So, today's objective is to scrounge an extra meal somewhere along the way to make up for it. I will have to use all my natural charm and powers of persuasion. I might even have to let "the pretty one" stroke me - she likes doing that. She gets plenty of practice, what with my "poncy brother" trying to suck up to her all the time. It is nauseating to watch.

Instead of the usual offering, today I need to ask for the help of all you other cats out there, maybe even dogs - I'm still thinking about that. You will recall a couple of weeks ago I told you that originally there were five of us in the litter (click here). You already know about three of us - me, the pick of the litter, Tabby, "my poncy brother" and Ginger tail, my "stupid sister". What happened to the other two I hear you ask. A very good question. Well, I had another brother called Spotty, should really have been called stroppy - my word he was a nasty piece of work, and another sister called Little Tortoiseshell, a most charming cat.

When we were about four months old, they disappeared - never to be seen again. One Sunday morning we were busy chasing a ping pong ball around and pulling threads from the furniture when most abruptly, "the one I don't trust" shushed three of us into the garden. I looked in the window and saw Spotty and Little Tortoiseshell being put in a box. Spotty took great exception to this, but at least he managed to draw blood - a mere flesh wound unfortunately. "The one I don't trust" was soon bandaged up.

I think they may have been taken to a new home, because when they returned, I heard "the pretty one" say, "fancy Spotty doing that on the carpet. Do you think he will ever come out from under the fridge?" To which my answer would have been "probably not". He could still be there now for all we know. I don't think it is coincidence that we all moved house a few days later - I think the "housekeeping staff" were worried that he would find his way back!
I don't see why they had to give the two other kittens away really. Why couldn't they look after all five of us - I mean we're not much trouble are we? I suppose I can see why they unloaded Spotty. If truth be known, I was not too disappointed to see the back of him. They should definitely have kept Little Tortoiseshell though, instead of Ginger Tail, the runt of the litter. She certainly wouldn't have played nasty tricks on me.
So, the big question is where are they now?? I need your help to track them down. I am putting out an APB (All Pussies Bulletin), and am prepared to offer a small reward. For information on the whereabouts of Little Tortoiseshell and her safe return, I will give six prawns, yes six! For information on Spotty, I will give three prawns, however if the current owners decide to send him back, then you owe me a dozen prawns! I can't say fairer than that. Don't forget to look under the fridge!
I am waiting for your call - you can get me through the good offices of Twitter @AlbertTheCat.
Well that's the lot for today. I look forward to hearing from you. I'm off to work on my breakfast substitute. What a Life! AlbertTheCat.


  1. It's hard to believe, Albert, but after all this time, your absent siblings may not even remember you, much less want to be re-united. Perhaps it's best to let sleeping dogs...or in this case, sleeping cats, lie.

  2. I'm sorry but I do not know where Little Tortoiseshell is. I did add your blog to my blog roll though.

  3. oh no! do you really not know where they are? do the housekeeping staff?! they are very cute (esp your sister!)

  4. We're sorry you've lost 2 siblings. We haven't seen them but perhaps you could interrogate the humans and find out. We think they know something!