Wednesday, 20 January 2010

You read it here first....

I wasn't going to do a blog today - I felt I needed a rest. However, something quite amazing has happened. Would you believe it, the BBC is now following me to see what the hot topics are. Now, this is the amazing thing, they are then regurgitating the stories as if they were their own. I wonder if I can sue them for plagiarism - whatever that is. I never realised I was so influential. "What on earth is he on about now", I hear you ask. Oh ye of little faith - it's all true. You will recall a few days ago, we were discussing how us cats are descended from the gods of ancient Egypt, and I was educating you about our heritage.Guess what happened yesterday - the BBC news website published a story telling how a 2,000 year old temple, dedicated to the cat god Bastet had been dug up in Alexandria. Spooky isn't it how this discovery was made a day or two after my blog on the same subject appeared. Are there no limits to my amazing powers. You think I am making this up don't you - well click this link to see. Believe me now! There are strange forces at work here. I must thank @AbbyDaTabby and @piddleandpurr, two of my Twitter pals, for spotting the article. I'm thinking of putting them on the payroll as roving reporters.

Well that's my lot for today - must go, am expecting a call from the BBC any minute. Apparently the lead story on the main news programme tonight is all about the shortage of prawns in West London and they want to interview me. I think they have picked this up from my last couple of posts. Where we lead others follow. What a life! AlbertThe(ground breaking)Cat.


  1. Sounds to me like a ligetimate reason to sue for plagerism. It was your research!! Yup - hire those two reporters for doing such a good job.

  2. Good luck on getting more prawns to eat, you could start your own Cats newspaper.

  3. Well, Bert, you should get an IBSN (Internet Blog Serial Number) for your blog. It's a bar code that will make it more professional. You can get your number here:

  4. Bert,
    You are indeed an amazing feline.
    I am a fan of your blog.
    Jake the red tabby.