Monday, 15 March 2010

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud etc.............

I hope you all had a nice weekend. An uneasy truce has broken out here. A mutual understanding has developed between me and the one I don't trust - he seems to be serving up a reasonable number of prawns, and in return, I've stopped messing the place up too much. Let's hope we can get through until the end of the week, when the pretty one returns without any further unpleasantness.

The weather has taken a turn for the better - Spring has definitely sprung. Now that my crocuses have all been used up, I had a look round the garden this morning to see what I will have to play with next. I reckon it is going to be the daffodils - a host of golden ones in fact! Just a little bit of culture there for my well versed readers, both of you. There are plenty of them as well, daffodils that is, not well versed readers - I should have lots of fun swatting them over the next week or two. Probably best that I don't start until next week or he could construe my actions as being in breach of our truce!I think the Spring weather has got to him as well. He spent most of yesterday planting seeds in little trays. When they grow a bit he is going to plant them outside for me to play with. Now being a very perceptive cat, I have sensed that we may have a teeny weeny problem when the pretty one gets back. You see, he has filled the kitchen with these little trays - everywhere they are, on the windowsill, the worktops, some are even in the dark in the food cupboards - I don't think she is going to be very impressed when she sees it all.

The other problem is I don't know how long I can keep up this good behaviour charade. I was wandering around on the kitchen worktops as part of my nightly inspection of the premises and these little seed trays full of soil were all over the place. How I didn't tread in one I don't know - natural grace and agility I thought as I turned round and knocked a dish into the sink. I had to summon up all of my amazing self control to stop myself having a good dig. I'm not sure how long I will be able to keep it up for though - I mean one little dig won't hurt will it?

- sorry about that, my stupid sister is trying to swat a spider on the keyboard.

Well, that's my lot for today. As we're on the subject of gardening, have I told you my carrot joke? "Oh no, not another of his rotten jokes" who said that? How rude. Two women were sitting in the garden when one pointed and said "my husband died on that very spot there just as he was about to pull up some carrots for our dinner." "How awful, what happened" replied her friend. "I opened a can of peas" she said. Oh well, please yourselves. What a life! AlbertThe(conciliatory)Cat.


  1. Glad you are getting your prawns, but hang in there, Bert, the Pretty One will be home soon!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. I love reading your blog, Bert. If fact: congratulations I just presented you with the Sunshine Award because reading your blog always puts a smile on my face. Please see my blog for details.

  3. he he - dat joke was cute. You really are being a good kitty these past few day - how could you resist the temptaiton to dig in the little seed trays. You might want to reconsider having a "go" at that.

  4. Bert,
    I think it is very wise of you to try to get along with The One You Don't Trust; after all he has control of all the prawns, hope you can hold out until Friday.
    Jake the red tabby

  5. Albert is awesome. Or should I call you Bert?

    Bert, do you think you would like to meet Bella? The B thing could be pretty cute! How about my brother Stud Muffin?

    Check us out!

  6. Bert, that joke was so good. And you are such a good boy not to dig in those seedlings. We would have shredded those babies in like 10 seconds. That is why our assistant doesn't plant seeds.
    She knows that they will be dug up in a skinny minute.
    Have a great day.

  7. Sir Pinky the Cat19 March 2010 at 01:24

    Bert, what seeds did he plant? I've got some rabbit siblings who would be happy to purchase all of them, and his little seed packets too. Ship them over here while he's out, and he'll think he's loosing his mind and didn't plant them when he returns to find them gone.

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