Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Better than the Oscars - Honest it is......

I'm on top of the world today. Can't understand why everyone else is so miserable. You'll never guess what has happened - my little blog has won an award. Yes, it's true, fame at last, not before time though is it, and richly deserved. The award is:- (fanfare and roll on the drums........)

"The Honest Scrap" award. What do you mean, there is an extra "S" in the second word! The Honest Scrap citation reads - "for bloggers who put their heart on display as they write from the depths of their soul" - most appropriate. Although you philistines out there may not have heard of it, it stands alongside The Nobel Prize for Literature, apparently! This award was bestowed upon me by "I Have Cat" who writes an excellent blog - you should check it out, not until you have finished reading mine of course -
There are lots of people I must thank, firstly my mother without whom none of this would have been possible (wipes away tear from eye with paw), secondly my father - whoever he was, and "I Have Cat" for recognising great literary skills, like what them ones are that I've got. That's it really, no one else deserves a shout. At this point I should mention "my poncy brother" and "my stupid sister" who have always held me back, despite everything I have done for them, they must be green with envy - I hope so. Finally, "the housekeeping staff" who have never appreciated how lucky they are to have me - hopefully there will be a big change in their attitude from now on, especially "the one I don't trust" - he needs to buck his ideas up or he could be out.

Now, there are a few conditions that I have to comply with in order to accept the award - a bit of a pain really, but I suppose we better do things properly. These are as follows:
  • Highlight the award on your blog and link back to the person who bestowed the award to you - I've done that.
  • Post 10 interesting things about yourself - it will be difficult keeping the list down to ten, but we will have a go.
  • Pass on the baton by presenting the award to 10 or so other blogs.
Right then, let's get cracking, 10 interesting things you don't know about me:-
  1. I am partial to the occasional prawn.
  2. I am by far and away the most cute and adorable cat in this house.
  3. I am available for private functions - very reasonable rates.
  4. My favourite actor is Jess from the epic, Postman Pat - I should have got that role really.
  5. I am partial to the occasional prawn.
  6. I like songs by Cat Stevens, apart from the one he wrote called "I Love My Dog" - daft song!
  7. I like Mickey Mouse films - can't watch too many though, they give me disney spells! Ho Ho Ho...
  8. I am partial to the occasional prawn.
  9. I hate "Tom and Jerry" - the damn mouse always wins - not so in this house I assure you.
  10. All this talk of prawns makes me hungry - it must be feeding time.
Other blogs upon whom I have bestowed the Honest Scrap award - before I start, I should point out here that this is all done in good faith, and no "incentives" have been offered or sought for a recommendation in this illustrious list. However, if any of the recipients feel obliged to make a donation, purely voluntary of course, to recompense my good self for my time and effort, then they should feel free - a discreet offering of fresh prawns is always acceptable. I'm sure you will realise that I have the power to delete you from the said list, and a visit from Mad Harry and Slasher Sid is not completely out of the question.

I am Otter - The unheard ramblings of a modern day domestic otter.
Thoughts in Progress - A place for my mind to gather its images.
Jan's Funny Farm - Always a good read.
Tails from the Burrow - If you like carrots you'll like this!
Whisker Messages from a Church Cat - Sharing the writing life - another literary feline.
The Mooshie Chronicles - A meow perspective on life.
Epic's Journal - A cat's journey through life.
Spot and Fiona - Another good read.
Funny End of the Tail - Nice pics and clips.
Sleeps with Dogs - Enrichment through dog-ma.
My Name is Linus - A polydactyl cat sharing his experiences, thoughts and stories.
Parrotcat - Tales from the back of the sofa.

Now, if any of the above have won this prestigious award before, then don't worry. After all, Walt Disney won 26 Oscars, and it didn't do him any harm did it.
Well that's your lot for today. Before we go, one other thing, I am supposed to keep this a secret, but there could be another award in the pipeline. Don't let the cat out of the bag... Ho Ho Ho. I may be mentioned in The New Years Honours List - a knighthood I expect, Sir Albert The Cat, has a nice ring to it don't you think. I trust Her Majesty keeps those pesky little corgis under control when I go to the palace for my investiture - perhaps I should send her a reminder on Twitter - I expect she follows me. I'll remember my friends though, no need to stand on ceremony, you lot can call me Sir Bert. What a life! (Sir)AlbertThe(noble)Cat - probably.


  1. Excellent news about the award, and well deserved. Let's hope your poncy brother, stupid sister and useless staff appreciate you more now that you're a celebrity. Roll on the knighthood!

  2. Thank you, Albert! We are honored to have this award bestowed upon us by such a famous kitty. The really funny thing is we saw your link on Twitter and came over to read your post. And then your comment arrived. Great timing.

  3. I love it - "What do you mean, there is an extra "S" in the second word! " well done Sir (soon to be) Albert!

  4. Thanks for a great laugh!!

    Jasper donates a pile of fresh prawn!

  5. Thank you Sir Albert for bestowing this prestigous award to Me Harry Spotter and my stupid sister Fiona. I have a stupid sister too. Prawns are on their way!

  6. Concats on your pawsome award Sir Albert! I has never tried a Prawn but dat sounds nom nom good.


  7. Well, Sir Albert, the sky is the limit for you. Congratulations!

  8. Oh Sir Albert (I forgot that's a secret for now right). Albert, thank you so kindly for this wonderful award. I am at a loss for words. Your kindness knows no bounds and the housekeeping staff needs to pay more attention to you. If I can find prawn in Georgia, they're yours. :)

  9. Congratulations, Sir Albert, on your award. Kudos! Splendid way to end the year and begin the New Year. @TheMooshies

  10. Sir Albert, I doff my cap to you. You are wise and smart. I am writing this on behalf of my lazy human who won the same award ( via the Conscious Cat) but unlike you has not done the obligatory coditions to pass on the award. Can you please visit Cat Saturday (I've posted lovely meezer pics and new year resolutions) and talk some kitty sense into her?

  11. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I have not won an Honest Scrap award before and as soon as I figure out the particulars of becoming an honorable recipient, I will be all over it! Happy 2010!

  12. Albert!!!
    i'm sorry otter keeper didn't tell me i had an award !!!! this is just the best news eveer!!! thankyou thankyou thankyou ... and thanks again ... you really are the best cat in the world ...
    (kate has a cat and you are much better than him)
    THanks Albert

    OTtEr XXX