Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Big Freeze, or The Cold Shoulder.....

Greetings one and all. Yesterday's snow has all gone - wonder where it went? However, I heard "the housekeeping staff" talking earlier, and apparently a load more is expected later, so we are not out of the wood yet. If you were thinking of sending food parcels, then I suggest you do so immediately.
Talking of a big freeze, "the one I don't trust" went out last night and came back quite late. I don't think "the pretty one" was all that impressed. These humans are very strange creatures, particularly the female ones. Take us cats for example. I mean we seem to get on very well with "the pretty one", and quite understandably she really likes us. In fact she adores us, especially me. We are clearly superior beings, we are very independent minded, we take very little notice of anything she says, we don't come in when she calls us (unless prawns are involved of course!), occasionally we may stay out all night with the other local cats, but when we do decide to come home, we quite naturally expect to eat before being left in peace to take a nap.

Now, compare this to the "the one I don't trust". He can be quite opinionated, and at times, I have noticed he completely ignores her instructions - only when she is not looking though. Sometimes, like last night he goes out with his friends, doesn't come back when he is expected, and when he does turn up all he wants to do is eat and go to sleep in front of the telly. When you think about it, there is not an awful lot of difference between the way us cats behave, and the way he carries on is there? Yet when we see fit to come in, we are greeted with cuddles and strokes, but when he eventually shows up, you can cut the atmosphere with a knife. Most mysterious - I don't think I will ever fathom them out. Best that I don't try really. I must stop thinking of them as large cats capable of intelligent thought.
Well that's my lot for today. I'm off to keep a watch out for the snow. I wonder if the snappy little Jack Russell from next door can pull a sled - he's not much use for anything else. Another distressing thought has just struck me - what with the arrival of parakeets and ostriches due to global warming, what can we expect next after this sudden bout of global cooling - polar bears perhaps? Now that would be something - I bet they're a real handful. Think how many prawns it will take to fill one of those things up - there will be none left for me. What a life! AlbertThe(deeply troubled)Cat.


  1. I'm with you, the pretty one's always are the most caring and give the best food and treats. The "one you can't trust" never gives me treats either so forget the prawns. My 'the one you can't trust' is always in the basement. He's better off down there anyway. So, Keep close to the pretty one-you can't go wrong.

  2. Albert, you are such a cute kitty!

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