Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life………..

How are we all then? Hope you survived the festivities. What a let down they turned out to be. Do you know that most of those presents round our tree weren't for me after all. Most of them were for the damn housekeeping staff. What did I get you all ask – a little fishing rod type thing with a tinsel covered mouse on the end of a bit of string. Apparently I am supposed to chase it and get excited when they dangle it in front of me. I could hardly contain myself!

What a depressing state of affairs. Weather is rotten, dark most of the day, housekeeping staff miserable as sin, roll on Spring. I think I am suffering from the post-Christmas blues. This set me thinking – don’t sound so surprised – I do occasionally, why do most of us feel down at this time of year?
I did some research on the internet and I am correct - statistically this is the most depressing time of year – in fact as far as suicides are concerned, then this is definitely the most popular time to top yourself – if you are that way inclined of course. Now, us cats don’t really go along with suicide. Probably because we have nine lives. I expect feeding time would arrive before we even got past attempt three, and we would lose interest. Anyway, these humans are a strange lot.

Guess what I have discovered from the statistics:-
  • Christmas is the most popular time for suicides, mm.... not sure if popular is the right word, but you get my drift – I suppose you can understand it, if people are on their own they may get a bit down.

  • Sunday evening is the most popular time of week – people depressed about going back to work after the weekend I expect.

  • Scandinavia has a higher prevalence that any where else. Not surprised, apparently it does not get light during the winter. All very gloomy.

  • The veterinary profession is more prone to it than any other – I reckon this is because they have a chip on their shoulder about being failed medics, and also it is easy for them to do it – one quick jab and Bob's your uncle! People with low self esteem are always putting themselves down, so to speak – just my little joke! Now, compare this with say, a carpenter – by the time he had got half way through sawing his head off, he would probably have lost the enthusiasm. Not exactly quick and painless is it?
I know this is a morbid subject, but in this post-Christmas period, it is most appropriate don't you think. My mind started wandering and I came up with an interesting thought - what would happen if they had a Veterinary Convention in Norway in December, when Christmas fell on a Sunday – I ask you? A real bundle of laughs that would be - they would be collecting them up in wheelbarrows on Boxing Day.
Well that’s my lot for today - I will leave you to ponder on that chilling thought. Do you know, while I was doing my research, I went to the library and asked if they would lend me a book on suicide – they said no, on account that I wouldn’t bring it back! Oh how they laughed! Another of my little jokes. What a life! AlbertThe(very morose)Cat.


  1. For suicide to be such a serious subject, you have put a whole new light on it Albert. Never knew being a veterinarian could be so depressing. Glad I didn't decide on that profession. I'm with you in hoping Spring come soon, very soon.

  2. Poor Albert, try and keep your chin up. Take lots of naps and ask your staff to bring you prawns to brighten your spirits and fill your tummy. Spring will be here before you know it.

  3. Well, you really cheered us up today! Guess we'll have to go kill the trash or something exciting to take our mind off those statistics.

    Seriously, it's sad suicide is so "popular" this time of year.

  4. Oh poor Albert. Come to my house cuz at least the sun is out. Sun cheers everyone up. We could snuggle in a sun puddle. Always look forward to your blog - even a depressing one! he he

  5. Aww, Albert.

    Hang in there, it won't be long and you'll be back to your usual rambunctious self!

    And as for your sister, sisters need love, too.
    Maybe the two of you can do something together.

    "The Boys" are having a bit of a Christmas let-down, too, as witnessed by the post we put up today.

    Love your site, btw, and "The Boys" and I will come back often.

  6. Awwww, I sorry Albert dat you only gots da fishing rod, it sounds likes fun though. Your bed looks comfy, I sends you purrrrrrrrs to cheers up my furriend.

  7. Albert and "Stupid Sister,"

    "The Boys" want to wish you a Happy New Year! And hope you have a "rockin'" 2010!

    We're glad we found you guys.

  8. Bert,I love all the pics you have up. What a hoot, Ms. Ginger Tail airing her tummy! It always looks fetching when done by a feline, with people it's NOT appealing. I also loved the pic of you, sharing your kitty cup with your brother. Albeit a little begrudgingly...