Friday, 4 December 2009

Good Housekeeping.........

Hello again. Glad you have returned for the final posting of the week. How time flies - the start of the week only seems about five days ago. Time waits for no cat as they say. They're all getting a bit excited round here - apparently Christmas is only three weeks away. Oh what great joy! I hate Christmas. Had some blinding news this morning, we have visitors coming, staying for over a week they are. If there is one thing I hate more than Christmas it's visitors, and "my poncy brother" of course - mm... that's two things. Mustn't forget the nosy neighbours and small children, I think I hate them more than Christmas as well. Anyway, to set the record straight, let's say there are at least four things I hate more than Christmas, but I don't want any of you running away with the idea that I secretly like it.

The place will be very crowded, there is barely enough room for the five of us, and with seven, there won't be room to swing a cat! A most unfortunate turn of phrase. No idea yet what I am going to do with the visitors - I already have two "housekeeping staff" on the payroll, and they seem to just about cope. I suppose if I look on them as "temporary staff", I might be able to find something to occupy them. I mean, a lot of places take on extra staff at this time of year don't they. I'll give this some thought and report back nearer the time.

There has been a little bit of good news this morning, basic provisions have been replenished. Me, Tabby and Ginger Tail were enjoying our pre-lunch nap when the front door opened, and in blundered "the one I don't trust" carrying four rather large bags of our favourite cat biscuits. "You lot are eating me out of house and home" he said ungratefully. He can be rather mean at times. "These should last you for a few weeks" he said. "They'll do me" I thought, but what about Tabby and Gingertail?
By remarkable coincidence, about half an hour later, "the pretty one" came in from the shops. "Guess what" she said. "The supermarket had prawns on Special Offer- two for the price of one, I bought four bags". Quite a bargain I thought, but at that price I'm amazed she didn't get some for Tabby and Ginger Tail as well? All this scrimping and saving, is a false economy in the long run. I mean there is plenty of room in the freezer - "my poncy brother" and "my stupid sister" were nosing around in there the other day, and they tell me it is jam packed with things that are of no interest to anyone - frozen peas, frozen beans, bread, and all manner of useless stuff. I've no idea why! If they had a good clear out, they could get a lot more prawns in and take real advantage of this once in a lifetime offer. I sometimes wonder why I employ them. I do think, if it wasn't for their unique ability to operate a can opener, then us cats would have no need for them at all.
To my knowledge, "the one I don't trust" has cleaned out the freezer once before. I mean to say, some things had been in there for ages. I remember he called out to her "how long can you keep a chicken in the deep freeze", "about three months" she replied. "That's odd" he said "I only put one in last night and it's dead this morning" Oh how he laughed. She gave him one of her looks. Like me, she doesn't appreciate his childish sense of humour.

Well that's my lot for now. Hope you all have a nice weekend. I plan to rest - it has been quite a week. I might start work on the Christmas duty rota. With the extra seasonal staff, it should be possible to have at least one person on duty 24 hours a day. What a life! AlbertThe(equal opportunities employer)Cat.


  1. I hope you can train the visitors to help with the chores - like ear and chin scratching :) I love to do chores for my mom's kitties!

  2. I'm not a big fan of extra visitors, hope yours are well trained!

    And oh, I wanted to let you know that I've given you a super cool Kreativ Blogger award - I hope you enjoy it. *purrs*

  3. I rilly feel sorry for all teh trubbuls you iz having wiv staff. Good luck on your freezer issue.

  4. I'm so glad I found your blog. I will follow it religiously henceforward!



  5. Hi Albert,
    What a handsome tuxie yoo are. I am a tuxie too. Christmas is kinda buzy around our house too and we don't like buzy. Nice and quite and not a mouse movin through the house is good for us.

    It was nice to meetcha.

  6. Hi Albert! It's nice to meet you! We don't think we've ever visited you before.

    We're not big fans of visitors either...they just disrupt our normal schedule and get in our way...we hope you can put them to work when they arrive...

  7. My, you have certainly had a busy week. Hopefully there will be no swinging of cats when the visitors come. I hate visitors too, I always get locked up in the bedroom and they don't even compensate me with treats. You have your staff better trained than I do. Have a great restful Sunday.