Thursday, 3 December 2009

A Wet Thursday Morning.....

I'm bored! Miserable start to the day in London - grey and wet outside. I was going to take a stroll, but don't fancy getting wet. It is a sad state of affairs, when having only been up for about an hour, the highlight of the day has already passed. For those of you that haven't guessed, that was breakfast - not bad this morning, the prawns were fresh from the freezer, just how I like them. I have the "housekeeping staff" thaw them under the hot tap for me. Don't know what to do now. Must find something to occupy myself during the endless hours that stretch out before me until lunchtime. Now what can I get up to? Let's take a look in my Filofax and see what is on the "to do" list for today:-
  1. Get up - task completed.
  2. Ablutions and good scratch - task completed.
  3. Eat breakfast - task completed.
  4. Steal some of Tabby's breakfast - task partly completed.
  5. Post breakfast nap- task completed.
  6. Another good scratch, deposit hair on furniture - task completed.
  7. Pull a few threads out of the back of the settee - possible, but a bit risky. I might get thrown out in the rain.
  8. Chase "stupid sister" round garden and knock flowerpots over - to be carried forward until rain stops.
  9. Dig up bulbs and throw mud on to lawn - ditto 8.
  10. a) Roll on plants and get covered in mud - ditto 8.
    b) Clean up on duvet
  11. Feign hairball attack as "pretty one" comes downstairs. Always gets a laugh, but again likely to be thrown out.
  12. Look out of window.
  13. Procrastinate - can't be bothered. Carry forward until tomorrow.
  14. Mid-morning snack.
  15. Pre-lunch nap.
  16. Eat lunch.
  17. Afternoon nap.
  18. Scratch.
  19. Tea-time.
  20. Nap.
  21. Supper
  22. Prowl.
  23. Pre-bed snack.
  24. Final scratch.
  25. Bed.
I suppose when you look at it, there is no reason to be bored - quite a busy schedule really. Don't know where to start. Perhaps I'll go and look out the window for a while and get that ticked off. Wonder what's going on? We have a great big hole in the road outside our gate - I think the council came about a week ago, dug some pipes up and then just disappeared. I told "my poncy brother" about the hole, and he assured me that someone is looking in to it! That put my mind at rest. Can't understand why he walked off chuckling. He gets on my nerves. You know how he is always sucking up to the "pretty one". Well, he gets really jealous if she pays me any attention - can turn quite nasty in fact. I think deep down, he knows that she prefers me. Only the other day, she was taking a picture of me, to put beside her bed I expect, when quick as a flash his great big ugly mush is shoved into the shot. What's worse, "the pretty one" thought it hilarious. Dreadfully bad manners I thought, still there's no accounting for taste is there.

Nothing much else going on out there today - a few dogs taking their owners for a walk - wonder why the owners have to be on leads. Good job us cats don't have to have ours in tow all the time. Absolute chaos - I can't imagine my lot being that keen on walking along the back wall and then climbing over the shed, let alone crawling under the decking for a spot of late night mousing in the nosy neighbours garden, can you? No, I can't see us cats putting up with that sort of nonsense.

Well that's the lot for today. I'm going to see if I can squeeze in an extra unscheduled nap. It must be lunchtime soon. What a life! AlbertThe(very organised)Cat.

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