Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Look at all my Presents!!!!

I've had a very busy day, so not had time to do a proper blog - I'm sure you understand!. Our esteemed visitors have arrived - "the pretty one's" mother and father. I decided to go against my natural instincts and be friendly towards them - I have even let the mother stroke me. She seemed to enjoy it. As Christmas is a time for giving presents I thought this might stand me in good stead - I wonder what she has got for me.

I've mounted guard on the Christmas tree after my dire warnings yesterday. Do you know what has happened? Lots of brightly coloured presents have appeared underneath it. Naturally I assumed they were all for me, but on closer inspection, some are for "the housekeeping staff" would you believe. Probably wrongly labelled.

Well that's my lot for today. I will be back tomorrow - if time permits, with my Christmas message. What is Santa going to bring me? What a life! AlbertThe(expectant)Cat.

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