Wednesday, 16 December 2009

In the Bleak Mid-Winter......

Well what a turn up for the book. Only a couple of days ago we were discussing the merits of global warming and now, would you believe it, this morning it has started to snow. Must be a huge shock to those ring necked parakeets that have moved in. At least it should keep the ostriches at bay for a bit longer.

The big green thing outside the backdoor - garden to the uninitiated, is slowly turning white. If it carries on like this, then "my stupid sister" will be nearly invisible! All you will be able to see is two ears and a tail. I tell you what though, it is very cold on the paws. Perhaps I will put a pair of socks, no hang on two pairs of socks, on my Christmas list when I write to Santa. To make matters worse, "the pretty one" has got a a friend round for coffee. You know by now what I think of visitors - don't like them at all, so instead of being curled up in the warm, I have been stuck outside waiting for them to clear off.

Fortunately there is only a little bit of the stuff at the moment, but if we get much more the whole place could grind to a halt. Very worrying - what will happen if we get snowed in? I hope we have enough prawns and cat biscuits to keep us going. I suppose the Cats Protection people could ship in fresh supplies by helicopter - I am in regular contact through the good offices of twitter you know. I must start making contingency plans. Now, there is a small pond in one of the gardens just along the road. It is full of little fishes. Do you know, when I first saw them I was absolutely amazed - I had no idea fishes swam around in ponds did you? I thought they came in tins, just for us. So far I have been spectacularly unsuccessful in catching them. I have spent a lot of time trying, but the water is a bit too wet for my liking. What if the pond freezes over - bet it will give the little fellows a terrible headache when they come up for air!What else is there? The woman over the back wall use to be good for a few tit-bits, but she hasn't been speaking to me since I unearthed one of her prize shrubs. In fact she was most rude the last time I popped over to see her. No, I think in the short term the best bet is to be first in the food queue and try to snaffle some of Tabby and Ginger Tails grub as well as my own.

Well that's the lot for today. I'm going to stay in the warm and keep a very close eye on the food dish. If things get much worse, I will be expecting you all to send food parcels. They might even release a charity record for us - something by Cat Stevens perhaps? What a Life! AlbertThe(soon to be starving)Cat.

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