Monday, 21 December 2009

Christmas Trees - Beware!

Hello folks - first of all I must apologise for not writing a blog today. I have been very busy. As we thought, the Christmas tree, or scratching post as I prefer to think of it, was decorated over the weekend and is now covered with lots of sparkly toys. What fun I've had. The "housekeeping staff" don't appear to share my joy but then I've always thought they were a miserable pair, especially "the one I don't trust". He gets really touchy every time I go near the thing - not that I care. However, I have just had a bit of a shock - I've overheard them talking and apparently Christmas trees can be very hazardous to us cats!!!! So, you will quite understand why I can't stay around here today chatting to you lot. I'm off to do some research. I will be back tomorrow with a full report on the situation. All you cats out there will need to read it! I'd hate you to lose any of your nine lives.Well that's it for today. You can see from the picture that I am spending some time thinking before knuckling down to my research. No point in rushing in to things. What a dangerous life! AlbertThe(playful)Cat.


  1. I'm glad you're tackling this important subject, Albert :) I, too, wouldn't want any kitties to lose one of their 9 lives to the giant scratching post. Can I just tell you that I love your fluffy belly? My kitties have fluffy bellies, but don't like me to touch them. How do you feel about belly rubs? If those aren't acceptable, I'll send you chin rubs instead. I'm sure those are a joy!

  2. Hello Tamara - on occasions I quite like my belly being rubbed. However, I usually expect a treat, say a fe prawns, in return. Regards, Bert,

  3. I never knew.. I am anxious for your next post about the dangers of all the sparkly things on the tree. Glad you are taking your time to ponder a bit before you tackle this serious subject.

  4. Albert we can depend on YOU to be the savior of all catdom. We get scolded if we attempt to play with the scratching post toys as well -- now we ask you, why on earth did the hoomans bring the darn thing into our space and yell when we try to acquaint ourselves with it?

    Please include that in your research -- or that could be yet another topic deserving of intense research. Thank you ever so much

    Piddleandpurr a.k.a. Rosie and Blossom